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Thursday 15 June 2000

Section C – Agendas of Committee Meetings



Rural Affairs Committee

16 June 2000

18th Meeting, 2000

The Committee will meet at 9.30 am in Committee Room 1

1. National Parks (Scotland) Bill: The Committee will consider the Bill at Stage 2 (Day 3).

2. Subordinate Legislation: The Committee will consider the Food (Animal Products from Belgium) (Emergency Control) (Scotland) Revocation Order SSI 2000/159 and the Food (Animal Feedingstuffs from Belgium) (Control) (Scotland) Revocation Regulations, SSI 2000/158, along with an Executive Note from the Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department.

3. Petition: The Committee will consider Petition PE 197 from Mr John D Stewart regarding the transparency of agricultural subsidies.

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