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Thursday 15 June 2000




Lobbying and the Scottish Parliament - MSP Questionnaire

The Standards Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry into lobbying activities directed towards the Scottish Parliament. The first stage of this inquiry is to ascertain the experiences of members, since they were elected to the Scottish Parliament, in dealing with lobbyists. Accordingly, all members should now have received a questionnaire on their experiences of lobbying activity in relation to the Parliament. The information provided by members will assist the Committee in identifying the principal areas which the inquiry should cover. The Committee would be grateful if members would complete and return the questionnaire anonymously by 7 July to the Standards Clerks, G15, PHQ. Although completed questionnaires will remain strictly confidential, Standards Clerks will also be available to meet with members to discuss the questionnaire and to go through it question by question if this would be convenient.


National Parks (Scotland) Bill

The third day of Stage 2 proceedings on the National Parks (Scotland) Bill will be on Friday 16 June when the Rural Affairs Committee will not proceed beyond section 11 of the Bill. The fourth day will be on Monday 19 June when the Committee will aim to complete Stage 2 proceedings. However, if the Committee does not complete Stage 2 on the fourth day, it will do so at its meeting on Tuesday 20 June. Since it is unlikely that a fifth day at Stage 2 will be required, members should assume that the deadline for lodging amendments to those provisions of the Bill not dealt with on the third day will be 5.30 pm on Thursday 15 June. Members are advised to lodge amendments as early as possible for each day and as early as possible during the day.

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