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Thursday 18 May 2000




Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Bill

The second day of Stage 2 proceedings on the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Bill is on Tuesday 23 May and the deadline for lodging amendments is 5.30pm on Friday 19 May. The Committee will not go beyond the end of section 24 on day 2.


Standards in Scotland's Schools etc. Bill - Stage 3

Amendments for Stage 3 should be lodged with the clerks to the Education, Culture and Sport Committee, Gillian Baxendine (2.7 CC, tel 85204) and David McLaren (2.7 CC, tel 85214). The clerks should be consulted about the wording and admissibility of amendments. Members should refer to Rule 17.4 for instructions on how amendments may be lodged. The deadline for lodging amendments will be announced when a date has been set for the Stage 3 debate.

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