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Thursday 2 March 2000

Section C – Agendas of Committee Meetings



Justice and Home Affairs Committee

6 March 2000

10th Meeting, 2000

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in the Council Chambers, Stirling Council, Viewforth, Stirling

1. Abolition of Feudal Tenure (Scotland) Bill: The Convener to move, That the Committee, in its consideration of the Bill at Stage 2, take the sections in numerical order and each schedule immediately after the section that introduces it.

2. Petition: The Committee will consider petition PE44 by Mr Archie MacAllister calling for the Scottish Parliament to reconsider section 17 of the Abolition of Feudal Tenure (Scotland) Bill.

3. Scottish Prisons: The Committee will take evidence on issues affecting women prisoners from—

Ms Kate Donegan, Governor of HM Establishment Cornton Vale.

4. Freedom of Information: The Committee will take evidence on the Scottish Executive’s proposals from—

Professor Alan Miller, Scottish Human Rights Centre.

5. Scottish prisons (in private): The Committee will consider options for a draft report on Scottish prisons.

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