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Tuesday 8 February 2000

Section F - Motions and Amendments 



The full text of all outstanding motions and amendments will appear in the Business Bulletin every Monday.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)


*S1M-508 Nicol Stephen: Knowledge Economy—That the Parliament recognises that our future prosperity depends upon success in taking up the challenges and opportunities of the Knowledge Economy and that the building of a Knowledge Economy, which has as its hallmarks lifelong learning, knowledge, skills, innovation, enterprise and social justice for all, is essential to a modern and more prosperous Scotland.


*S1M-507# Mrs Margaret Smith: Corstorphine Hill Water Tanks—That the Parliament expresses concern over East of Scotland Water’s plans to site two water tanks on Corstorphine Hill, which is a local nature reserve and an area of great environmental value, and recommends that East of Scotland Water considers other more suitable options and locations.


S1M-506 Austria (lodged on 4 February 2000) Dorothy-Grace Elder*


S1M-502# Skye Bridge (lodged on 3 February 2000) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-499 Report on Holyrood Building (lodged on 3 February 2000) Mr John Swinney*


S1M-497# Scottish Media Group (lodged on 2 February 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-495 National Minimum Wage (lodged on 2 February 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-493 World Cup in 2006 (lodged on 2 February 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-492 Warm Homes Initiative (lodged on 2 February 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-491# Kilmarnock and Loudoun (lodged on 2 February 2000) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-488# Standing Commission on Health and Safety at Work in Scotland (lodged on 1 February 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-484# Council Tax Collection: Summary Warrant Procedures (lodged on 1 February 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-480# Child Pornography and the Protection of Children (lodged on 28 January 2000) Ms Margo MacDonald*


S1M-475# Car Parking Charges (lodged on 28 January 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-474# Grampian Television (lodged on 27 January 2000) Andrew Wilson*, Mr John Swinney*, Mr Andrew Welsh*


S1M-472 Water Charges (lodged on 27 January 2000) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-468 Nelson Mandela Tribute (lodged on 26 January 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-466 Raising of the Solway Harvester by the Manx Parliament (lodged on 26 January 2000) Mr John Swinney*, Mr Brian Monteith*


S1M-457 Scottish Flight Supplements (lodged on 24 January 2000) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-456# Car Park Charges (lodged on 24 January 2000) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-453 Campaign Against Higher Business Rates in Scotland (lodged on 21 January 2000) Andrew Wilson*


S1M-446 Precious Life (lodged on 20 January 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-434 Drugs Deaths (lodged on 18 January 2000) Pauline McNeill*


S1M-363 Campaign for Scotland's Post Offices (lodged on 7 December 1999) Mr John Swinney*


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