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Petition by Mr Roderick I McLean  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE286  
Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to take steps to revise the Naval Military and Air Forces etc (Disablement and Death) Service Pension Order 1983 in order to ensure equity for all service personnel (and ex-service personnel) for injuries susta  
Petitioner: Mr Roderick I McLean  
Number of signatures: 1  
Date lodged: 20 October 2000  

7 November 2000 :   The Public Petitions Committee agreed that the Convener should write to the Ministry of Defence for comments on the issues raised in the petition including the issue of ECHR compliance. 

27 February 2001 :   The Public Petitions Committee considered a response from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Social Security. The Committee agreed to pass a copy of the response to the petitioner and to take no further action. 

12 March 2001 :   Petition sent to NAS. 

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