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Petition by Mrs Kirsty Dickson  
Closed Petitions - Petition PE259  
Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to take immediate action to stop the erection of telecommunication masts of 15 metres and under, in residential and environmentally sensitive areas, during the intervening period  
Petitioner: Mrs Kirsty Dickson  
Number of signatures: 170  
Date lodged: 23 August 2000  

26 September 2000 :   The Public Petitions Committee agreed to pass the petition to the Minister for Transport and Environment for comment on the issues raised in the petition, in particular in relation to the time scale for the introduction of changes to current planning arrangements for telecommunication developments. 

24 April 2001 :   The Public Petitions Committee considered a response from the Scottish Executive and agreed to draw the Executive's attention to the various views of the Committee on its contents. The Committee then agreed to copy the response to the petitioner, highlighting the comments made by Committee members, and to take no further action. 

14 May 2001 :   Petition sent to NAS. 

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