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The Report of an Inquiry into Crown Decision-Making in the Case of the Murder of Surjit Singh Chhokar

Chairman: The Rt. Hon. Sir Anthony Campbell

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SP Paper 425

Session 1(2001)


This Report is laid before the Scottish Parliament by Scottish Ministers and is published by the Clerk of the Scottish Parliament under the authority of the Parliament in accordance with a resolution of the Parliament of [24/25 October 2001]




Terms of reference of the inquiry

The Prosecution

The events of 4th November 1998

The police inquiry and the detention of the three accused

The three day report

Preparation of the Precognition

Indictment of the case

The first trial

Review after first trial

Second Indictment and trial

The decision not to indict all three accused together

The correct marking decision

The method of reaching a decision before the first trial

General observations


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