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Business Bulletin No. 164/2001

Tuesday 13 November 2001

Section F : Motions and Amendments


A full list of outstanding motions is available to view each Monday in paper copy at the Chamber Desk or alternatively on the Scottish Parliament web site as Outstanding Motions.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are new or have been altered. Asterisks in the text show the extent of alterations made.

Motions which members wish to be considered for debate as members’ business in the Parliament are marked with a hash symbol (#)

*S1M-2438 Susan Deacon: Renewing Mental Health Law—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of the Executive’s policy statement Renewing Mental Health Law; agrees that the statement provides a sound framework for new legislation which responds to the needs, rights and aspirations of people who use mental health services, while having regard to the public interest, and looks forward to the introduction of a Mental Health Bill, thus fulfilling the Programme for Government commitment to modernise mental health legislation in the light of the Millan Committee’s review of existing law.

Supported by: Malcolm Chisholm*

*S1M-2437 John Farquhar Munro: Internet Access—That the Parliament notes with concern that, according to a MORI survey conducted for Oftel, the number of households in the UK with access to the internet has fallen for the first time, from 40% to 39% of households, welcomes the slight increase in the proportion of Scottish homes with internet access, but regrets that the Scottish figure is only 29%, which is still 10% lower than the UK average; recognises the critical role that the internet plays in promoting business and as a key access tool for vulnerable groups; notes that these vulnerable groups are still lagging behind the general population with regard to internet access, the number of households with annual incomes lower than 17,500 with internet access having dropped from 21% to 19%; welcomes the Scottish Executive’s Digital Communities initiative, but believes that the Executive should ensure that all low income and other vulnerable groups in Scotland are given every opportunity to connect to the internet, particularly by encouraging the use of fixed-price packages, in order to ensure that technology in the 21st century narrows the social and digital divide rather than expanding it.

*S1M-2436# Mr Mike Rumbles: Digital Hearing Aids and Review of Audiology Services—That the Parliament notes that the Scottish Executive is conducting an audiology services review; recognises that many hard of hearing and profoundly deaf people are still provided with out-dated analogue hearing aids; is aware that new digital hearing aids can improve the quality of life for those who need them; realises that digital hearing aids are not widely available on the NHS in Scotland and are expensive to purchase privately; understands that the cost can be dramatically reduced by a system of bulk-buying; further notes that such a scheme has been introduced into 20 NHS hospitals in England, and considers that the Scottish Executive should make a commitment to provide digital hearing aids on the NHS in Scotland.

*S1M-2435# Michael Matheson: European Day of Disabled People: 3 December 2001—That the Parliament notes the European Day of Disabled People on 3 December 2001; recognises the contribution made by people with disabilities to Scottish society; further notes with concern the continuing exclusion of disabled people from full participation within our society due to barriers created by poor design and inaccessible buildings in towns and cities across Scotland, and supports the principle of "Design for All" by asking the Holyrood Progress Group to ensure that the new Parliament building at Holyrood is accessible to all.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford*, Fergus Ewing*, Richard Lochhead*, Mr Andrew Welsh*, Mr Kenny MacAskill*

S1M-2434 Prioritising the Borders Economy (lodged on 9 November 2001) Tommy Sheridan*

S1M-2431# Diabetes in Scotland (lodged on 9 November 2001) Tommy Sheridan*

S1M-2429 Future of Air Links to Brussels (lodged on 8 November 2001) Trish Godman*, Tommy Sheridan*

S1M-2428# 2002, Autism Awareness Year (lodged on 8 November 2001) Trish Godman*, Tommy Sheridan*

S1M-2427# Maggie's Cancer Centre Charity (lodged on 8 November 2001) Tommy Sheridan*, Karen Whitefield*

S1M-2426# BT plc Sales Marketing Policy (lodged on 7 November 2001) Trish Godman*

S1M-2421 Trade Union and Employee Negotiations (lodged on 7 November 2001) Mr Michael McMahon*, Dr Sylvia Jackson*

S1M-2420 Disabled Drivers and Supermarkets (lodged on 7 November 2001) Mr Michael McMahon*, Dr Sylvia Jackson*

S1M-2418# Bicycle Helmets (lodged on 7 November 2001) Trish Godman*, Tommy Sheridan*

S1M-2408 City of Dundee and Award for Best Practice in Regeneration (lodged on 6 November 2001) Fiona Hyslop*

S1M-2399# Proposed New Testing System of Scallops (lodged on 1 November 2001) Michael Matheson*

S1M-2397# Arbuthnott Formula and Funding of Grampian Health Board (lodged on 1 November 2001) Stewart Stevenson*

S1M-2396 Moratorium on GM Foods (lodged on 1 November 2001) Michael Matheson*

S1M-2395# Remploy and Social Inclusion (lodged on 1 November 2001) Michael Matheson*

S1M-2393 Science and the Parliament Event, November 15 2001 (lodged on 1 November 2001) Michael Matheson*

S1M-2372 Institutional Racism (lodged on 26 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2368 People Management in Scottish Universities (lodged on 25 October 2001) Tommy Sheridan*

S1M-2367 Outdoor Access for All (lodged on 25 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2366# Consultation and Advocacy Promotion Service (lodged on 25 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2361 Cosmic Rough Riders (lodged on 25 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2360 The Pearce Institute in Govan (lodged on 24 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2346 Fife Free Press Best Paid-For Newspaper Of the Year Award (lodged on 23 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2339# Violence Against Women - 16 Days Campaign 2001, 25 November - 10 December 2001 (lodged on 22 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2335 16 Days Campaign (lodged on 19 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2334 Airdrieonians Football Club (lodged on 19 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2319# Future of Highland Air Services (lodged on 11 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2313 Falkirk 2008 European Football Championship Bid (lodged on 5 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2309# International Rescue Corps (lodged on 5 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2305# Scottish Huntington's Association (lodged on 4 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2304# Foot-and-Mouth Disease-Free Status (lodged on 4 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2302# Introduction of a Pollution Inventory (lodged on 4 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2291# Conference of Women Parliamentarians held in the Chamber, 28 and 29 September 2001 (lodged on 3 October 2001) Cathy Peattie*

S1M-2184# Contract Research Staff (lodged on 6 September 2001) Stewart Stevenson*